Wine Simplified or how to BS your pretentious friends

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

As somebody who actually follows science news, let me be the first to tell you that that guy from your girlfriend’s office, the one who sips a wine and talks about its notes, is a pretentious jackass. In fact, scientifically, if you taste a wine and just taste, well, wine, that’s what most people taste: Turns out the taste of wine is almost completely subjective.

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But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn about wine, to shut that jackass down.

Wine Simplified is actually an excellent book/app in the sense that it’ll teach you how to talk to wine people to describe the wine you actually like, since apparently “This tastes like a mummy used my tongue to wipe his ass” is not appropriate “wine-speak.” It teaches you the basics of matching a wine to a dish without having to memorize specific names, so you can seem far more classy than you are. And it lays out the basics of how wine flavor is supposed to have changed.

Finally, it teaches you how to cut through the marketing BS on labels and figure out what a wine actually is. So finally, Mr. “Sensual Chocolate Notes” can get his.

Wine Simplified [iTunes Store]

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