Wynkoop Brewing seeking 2013 Beerdrinker of the Year

Colin Joliat Alcohol & Food Editor

Dust of those resumes, it’s time to apply for Wynkoop Brewing’s “Beerdrinker of the Year” award! Do you have what it takes to take the intoxicating prize?

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To enter the contest, applicants must submit beer resumes that include the entrant’s beer philosophy and details on their passion for beer and their 2012 beer experiences. Resumes should also detail the entrant’s understanding of beer and its history and importance to civilization, along with the entrant’s efforts to educate others to the joys of great beer.

Resumes for the Beerdrinker of the Year are reviewed by the nation’s beer experts, beer journalists and previous Beerdrinker winners. The top three entrants are flown to Wynkoop Brewing Company (at Wynkoop’s expense) for the Beerdrinker of the Year National Finals on February 23, 2013.

If you manage to be declared the winner, you get your name engraved on the trophy and the pride of knowing you’re the best ever in the universe. Oh, and a year’s supply of beer, a $250 tab at your local beer bar, and Beerdrinker of the Year swag.

Don’t get too cocky just because you can a pitcher of Bud Light faster than all of you buddies though. The winner in 2011 fasted for 46 days with nothing but water and his own dopplebock; then he wrote a book about it. Yeah, that’s a little more impressive than the time you detonated a beer in five tries.

For the full rules and how to apply, check out the details from Wynkoop. Entries must be in by the end of the year.

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