Campbell’s soup coming to a K-cup near you

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campbells k cup soup Campbells soup coming to a K cup near you


Making soup somehow just got even easier with the new “Campbell’s Fresh-Brewed Soup.” That’s right, Campbell’s soup will be available in a K-cup starting in 2014. This is a huge development for those millions and millions of non-existent people who have a Keurig coffee maker but no microwave. Now that enormous segment of the population will finally get to eat soup like the rest of us.

A serving of Campbell’s Fresh-Brewed Soup comes in two pieces. The K-cup is filled with all the powdered goodness needed to make soup broth, and a separate packet contains dried noodles and vegetables. Just put the cup in the coffee maker and the noodles in a bowl, hit start, and you’ll have a delicious bowl of soup in no time. What could be easier, aside from the microwave?

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