Domino’s has one delivery scooter to rule them all

Colin Joliat Alcohol & Food Editor

There’s something incredibly funny about actually seeing pizza delivery scooters. Until now, I just assumed that they only existed in the world of Grand Theft Auto. It turns out that most of them are just in Europe, which any reasonable person probably knew. But did you know that Domino’s, inventor of the 30-minute delivery, does so with a scooter whose engine advertises for them?

It’s not quite as effective as the unmistakable roar of a Harley, but having your electric scooter constantly saying Domino’s and pizza will certainly garner some attentions from pedestrians. They are trying to pass it off as a safety measure because the scooter is silent, but no one is buying that line of bull. Now if only they could make their pizza taste better they’d be in great shape. Maybe they should try sticking a hot dog in the crust like Pizza Hut.

Netherlands Domino’s Pizza Electric Delivery Scooter Has Domino’s Themed Engine Sounds (VVV)

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