JoJo’s Sriracha sauce will have you burning with desire

Colin Joliat Alcohol & Food Editor

Think there’s only one sriracha? Think again. JoJo’s Sriracha is taking the world by storm because she gives a damn.

Meet Jolene Collins, the founder and artisan behind Jojo’s Sriracha in Brooklyn, NY. Jolene is obsessed with sriracha. She discovered the chili sauce at age 15, when, in a hunger frenzy, she coated her tuna sandwich and potato chips with the unfamiliar condiment. When she recounts the story, you can see she remembers it as if time stopped. It was a moment she’ll never forget. A moment that maybe, just maybe, foreshadowed her destiny.

So, enjoy Jolene’s spicy little story about the unlocked potential of the sriracha you know and, probably, love. She’ll have you convinced that her artisan sriracha, is so much more than the average cock sauce.

She’s currently sold out of her supposedly delicious chili puree, but you can constantly check her Etsy shop or check out the Facebook page to see when the next batch will be ready. Rough problem for her to have, right?

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