People claim Cups is the ‘Hooters’ of frozen yogurt

Colin Joliat Alcohol & Food Editor

cups employees 640x507 People claim Cups is the Hooters of frozen yogurt


If you like your froyo topped with double entendres, Cups is the place for you. Cups has been called the Hooters of frozen yogurt.

The yogurt gets good reviews but the buzz comes from pounding music, a nightclub ambiance and arresting female staffers who have led some customers to dub this chain “the Hooters of froyo.”

I don’t want to second guess the patrons of a place called Cups, but that sounds more like “the Abercrombie of froyo” to me. I don’t think of a nightclub when I walk into Hooters. I think of poor life decisions. On top of that, let’s go easy on calling the staffers “arresting.” I’d like to arrest whomever claimed these women were hot. I wouldn’t make a special trip to see any of them sling my yogurt.

This is either the most genius or worst branding plan ever. There’s no middle ground. My unscientific study revealed that 74% of froyo consumers are female, as are 97% of the dessert decision makers. Seldom do men voluntarily walk into a frozen yogurt shop. Will this strategy turn men on to froyo or will it eventually turn women off? Hooters isn’t exactly packed full of lady-patrons these days.

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