Sriracha Beef Jerky is tantalizing

Colin Joliat Alcohol & Food Editor

Sriracha jerky Sriracha Beef Jerky is tantalizing


Sriracha beef jerky was the inevitable next step in the hot sauce’s plan to dethrone bacon as the king of the internet. Surprisingly, this brilliant combo was the mastermind of bacon expert J&D’s. Perhaps they’re not aware of this fictitious online war that I’ve developed in my head. Regardless, we are all the winners. There are plenty of spicy beef jerky products on the market, but none of them carry the cachet of Sriracha. I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t attest to the flavor, but if it’s good enough for rooster sauce’s #1 fan, The Oatmeal, I’ll assume it’s amazing.

This tantalizing cock meat is made using actual Sriracha sauce and packs a spicy-sweet punch of garlic and peppers.

He didn’t steer us wrong when it came to Sriracha Popcorn, so his word carries weight in the world of cock sauce.

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