Cheap shot ruins special touchdown for disabled middle-schooler

A. Isaac Senior Editor

When two teams agree to have a special needs player score a touchdown, how about we keep the cheap shots to a minimum.

I point you to the YouTube description for the story.

In a Middle School football bowl-game between Sebastian Middle School (St. Augustine) and Landrum Middle School (Ponte Vedra) held on November 10, 2012, The Sebastian team let one of the Landrum players with a developmental disability score his first and only touchdown of the season after Sebastian pulled out to a 22 – 0 lead. It was a very special moment for all of the players, coaches, officials and parents that were on hand to watch the game.

See, sportsmanship you guys. So why then did one player take the opportunity to cheap shot an unsuspecting player?

T9nmx Cheap shot ruins special touchdown for disabled middle schooler

I’m all about using sports to teach life lessons, assuming of course, the life lesson is taught to both teams. Doesn’t seem like that’s the case here. Poor effort young lad.

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