Harrison Barnes does scavenger hunt for Warriors fans

A. Isaac Senior Editor

Harrison Barnes’ road to stardom began one year ago. He played well for the Warriors during the regular season, averaging 9.2 points a game. He didn’t break out as a potential star until the playoffs, when he bumped up that average to 16.1 points. In the conference semifinals against the Spurs, Barnes had back-to-back games of 25 and 26 points .

Needless to say, he’s become a fan favorite in the bay area.

Yesterday, Barnes posted this on his Facebook page.

Harrison Barnes Harrison Barnes does scavenger hunt for Warriors fans


Maybe he’s bored or maybe he’s just awesome. Whatever the reason, several fans were treated to signed jerseys around town.

The grand prize winner received a jersey in person from Harrison Barnes. What a good guy and what an excellent use of social media.

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