Jeremiah Rivers lights up Bill Simmons on Twitter

A. Isaac Senior Editor

The Boston Celtics are clearly rebuilding and Doc Rivers wants nothing to do with it. During last night’s NBA Draft, Bill Simmons called him out, saying he quit on the team. Doc fired back in an awkward interview with Shelley Smith.

“I would like to call him an idiot but I’m too classy for that.”

So that was uncomfortable—passive aggressive Doc Rivers vs. heated Bill Simmons did make for compelling TV though. Especially since it came in the always boring 2nd round of the NBA draft.

Doc Rivers’ son, Jeremiah, weighed in late last night ripping ESPN and Simmons in a Twitter rant not seen since Alec Baldwin two hours earlier.

Jeremiah Rivers Jeremiah Rivers lights up Bill Simmons on Twitter


I side with Simmons in this beef. Rivers has changed his story multiple times. As a fan it’s almost impossible to believe anything he says. He’s become Larry Brown-esque, entangled in a web of BS.

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