Kevin Ware reads Top Ten list on ‘Late Show with David Letterman’

A. Isaac Senior Editor

Louisville’s Kevin Ware was on the Late Show to read the Top Ten list. Moments before that he was asked some awkward questions from Letterman. Normally, I’m a defender of the old man but this came off bad.

Letterman: So this goes from terrible tragedy to a bit of a miracle doesn’t it?
Ware: Yea, kinda, sorta, you know.

Letterman: Now, when you say your mom freaks out over the littlest things, we’re talking about a snapped tibia that goes through, actually protruding through your leg. Isn’t that what happened?

And this was Ware’s reaction before responding. The ultimate WTF face?

Kevin Ware1 640x358 Kevin Ware reads Top Ten list on Late Show with David Letterman


Senile old man aside, here’s the Top Ten list—’Thoughts going through Kevin Ware’s mind during his injury.’

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