NASCAR turns WWE in must-see brawl

A. Isaac Senior Editor

I never understood NASCAR as a TV sport—until yesterday. That’s when it quickly devolved into a WWE Royal Rumble. Dare I say must-see TV. Following a wreck involving Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer, the two pit crews began to brawl. As fists flew, Bowyer hopped out of his vehicle to join the melee.

These three GIFs pretty much tell the entire story.

dVouX NASCAR turns WWE in must see brawl
G9GMF NASCAR turns WWE in must see brawl
H5d9I NASCAR turns WWE in must see brawl

I’m sure there will be fines and possibly suspensions after this but frankly, this is the most exciting thing that’s happened in NASCAR this year. The sport’s struggling and advertisers are jumping off at every turn (presumably a left one). If this kind of stuff’s going to pay the bills, well then dammit, embrace it.

Maybe turn Danica Patrick into a wrestling diva while you’re at it.

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