Roger Goodell is persona non grata at Jonathan Vilma’s restaurant

A. Isaac Senior Editor

Should Roger Goodell have a hankering for BBQ in Miami, he’ll have one less place to eat at. Jonathan Vilma’s restaurant, Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, has made it clear he’s not welcome.

The caption “Do Not Serve This Man” with a picture of the NFL commissioner is plastered all over the windows according to several customers.

Roger Goodell sign Roger Goodell is persona non grata at Jonathan Vilmas restaurant

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The ongoing feud between Goodell and Vilma stems from the alleged Saints bounty case. A case which left the Saints linebacker suspended for the entire 2012 season. There’s also ongoing litigation between the two in the form of a defamation lawsuit.

This is quickly devolving into a modern day version of the Hatfields-McCoys. I only hope when the movie comes out, Ernie Els will agree to play the part of Goodell.

Roger Goodell is unwelcome at Jonathan Vilma’s barbeque joint [Shutdown Corner]

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