Stanford-Cal had an epic shoving contest last night

A. Isaac Senior Editor

Last night’s Stanford-Cal game devolved into an epic shoving match, full of flops and missed punches. When the officials finally sorted it out, two players and three assistant coaches were ejected, six received technical fouls.

The melee started when Stanford’s Aaron Bright and Cal’s Allen Crabbe tussled over a jump ball. That led to big man Dwight Powell coming in like Kermit Washington and leveling Crabbe (sort of). After multiple reviews it appears Crabbe may have pulled a Cody Zeller.

bWDJQFw Stanford Cal had an epic shoving contest last night

Here’s the fight in its entirety.

Bill Walton shined while calling the brawl, dropping some hilarious one-liners.

“This is not what this most perfect of all games is about.”

“I’m old enough to remember, in this building, when the fans with dissatisfaction would throw fish on the floor.”

“There’s a guy who’s 6’6″ built like a stud, like Adonis…”

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