30 year old footage of ‘Ms. Pac-Man’ machines being assembled

Matt Hawkins Contributing Writer, Video Games

If you’re bored at work, why not waste time by watching others toil away. Especially when their job involves making Ms. Pac-Man arcade cabinets.

The following, which Kotaku first brought to light, is raw archival footage footage from some old 80s show on arcades that never went to air, is 16 solid minutes of Bally Midway factory employees putting Ms. Pac-Man together…

There’s really not much else to say there, other than how its a fascinating look back at a bygone era that no longer exists. I mean, check out when games used to be powered by super sized circuit boards! Remember when arcades were actually a thing? Hey look, CRT monitors! One can go and on.

Though I’d also say something about how everyone looks, but I went to a party in Brooklyn last night and pretty much every hipster was sporting the same exact fashion sense and hair styles, so never mind that.

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