3DPCase: Use an app to sculpt your own iPhone case

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

There are literally thousands of iPhone cases out there, from the basic to the weird. They’re made out of steel, plastic, wood, Kevlar, bamboo, you name it. But some people just need to have their own custom case for their iPhone.

3dpcase 120x214 3DPCase: Use an app to sculpt your own iPhone case

Photo Credit: Sculpteo

And needless to say, there’s now an app that does just that.

The app comes courtesy of Sculpteo, a French company that specializes in 3D printing. Create something in 3D software, no matter what it is, and they’ll run off the object for you and ship it out. They do everything from custom furniture to prototyping and, as you may have guessed, phone cases.

What makes this app stand out, what, in fact, makes it unique, is how flexible and powerful it is. This really does take all the frustration and issues out of designing your own unique case and getting it printed. You simply use the surprisingly powerful tools in the app, send them the design (and a fee, which starts at around $15), and within a week, your case will show up.

It’s a great way to make your phone stand out and, hey, if it’s ugly, just build a new one. That’s the beauty for 3D printing.

3DPCase [Apple Store]

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