More of the ‘Game of Thrones’ 2D fighter that doesn’t exist

Matt Hawkins Contributing Writer, Video Games

Someone with the money or connections just do something already. This is starting to get ridiculous.

The term “it prints money” is often equated with Nintendo, but could easily be applied with the following, provided if it was made real. Once again, DeviantArt’s Dynamaito had hit a home run…

gameofthrones2d More of the Game of Thrones 2D fighter that doesnt exist

Hey, remember the first time we got a taste of the Game of Thrones fighter that doesn’t exist, but most assuredly should? It was accompanied by another fake screenshot, of Washington vs. Hitler, on the backs of dinosaurs.

Well, the artist behind that piece has another, entitled River City Freaks and Geeks, which is for an upcoming Judd Apatow tribute show at Gallery 1988…

RiverCityFreaksandGeeks More of the Game of Thrones 2D fighter that doesnt exist

Jude Buffum

Via Venus Patrol. Oh, and if you don’t get either of the two things being referenced, you need to fire up Netflix instant and go ROM hunting.

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