Audiobus: Now you really can record an album with your iPhone

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

Yeah, yeah, yeah, there are tons of “professional” apps for musicians available for iOS. The problem is, as anybody who’s tried to make iOS multitask can tell you, that the apps do not speak to each other. You have to record audio in one app, apply effects to it in another, and mix it in still another.

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Or, rather, you did. Now you don’t.

Think of Audiobus as the connecting cable between all the different recording apps you may own: that’s really pretty much all it does, but it’s also all it really has to do.

Audiobus sorts your apps into three categories: Inputs, Effects, and Outputs. Popping up an app, or audio contained in an app, is as simple as using Audiobus to open it up. Swapping between apps is as painless as it gets with music recording, which admittedly is still painful, but either way.

The key thing is that Audiobus works with the most popular apps and does so with fairly shocking ease. If you’ve been looking to record anywhere you go, or just want to impress women with your beats skills, this app is worth every nickel of its $10.

Audiobus [iTunes Store]

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