Crapping Paper hilariously ruins the gift

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

If you’re simultaneously cheap and incredibly curmudgeonly, you can save a mint on wrapping paper by printing your own, and at the same time completely ruin everybody’s Christmas, with Crapping Paper!

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Crapping Paper

The concept is pretty simple: It’s seemingly festive paper from a distance, but once you pick up the box, it literally tells you, right on it, what the gift is.

I bring this up not because I am a bitter, black-hearted Scrooge (I’m only bitter and black-hearted, I love the holidays), but because it opens the door to all sorts of last minute pranks. After all, you’re under no obligation to actually tell the truth on this paper. The Crapping Paper people don’t care.

It doesn’t have to be mean-spirited, of course: You could wrap, say, a bottle of Bowmore Single Malt in paper saying “It’s a cheap wine!”, or somebody’s iPhone 5 with “it’s an iPhone 3G!”

Or it could be completely mean-spirited, because let’s face it, the Christmas events at work are annoying. You can find Crapping Paper online and it’s easy to print yourself.

Crapping Paper [Official Site]

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