Don’t forget about that ‘Star Wars’/’Angry Birds’ crossover

Matt Hawkins Contributing Writer, Video Games

Everyone is abuzz about Disney buying Lucasfilm and being the new masters of the Star Wars universe. But lest we forget the deal that was forged with Rovio and Angry Birds not that long ago.

A new game (along with the obligatory line of tie-in toys) was teased a few weeks ago, but no one knew what it would actually be, other than a merging the two licenses together. Well, we finally have details.

Behold this recently released trailer, which aside from showing the series staples droids in their agitated avian personas, also has a look at some gameplay. Not surprisingly, it looks a lot like Angry Birds Space

This is actually the second trailer that we’ve gotten. A few days ago we got the following, which shows off more traditional Angry Birds gameplay except blasters and lightsabers are added to the mix…

Does Rovio have another hit on their hands? You bet your ass they do.

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