Don’t forget ‘Halo 4′ comes out tomorrow

Matt Hawkins Contributing Writer, Video Games

And what better way to celebrate than the fifth and final chapter of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.

Last we checked in, the man himself, Master Chief had made his long awaited appearance (and not as some annoying, two second long cameo either). So how does it all end? Well…

All I can say is, that Master Chief, he so dreamy… Also, gotta admit, Forward Unto Dawn wrapped up on a not so bad note; am most pleasantly surprised. By the way, to mark the occasion, Microsoft decided to commission a limited edition resin statue of the battle between the Chief and that big alien bag guy (who also appears in the Halo 4, so you know)…

halo4b Dont forget Halo 4 comes out tomorrow

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Unfortunately, it’s already sold out (only 500 were produced to begin with). Oh well. Hey, there’s always eBay, right? Plus, there’s the actual game, which comes out tomorrow, though many cities across the country are having midnight launches. Perhaps on the east coast as well; many midnight launches for Assassin’s Creed 3 were cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy.

As noted on Friday, it’s an amazing game; 343 Industries did the impossible and that’s actually top Bungie’s efforts. Unfortunately, haven’t had a chance to beat it yet; have been distracted by, what else, Assassin’s Creed 3. Though that might change, now I’m hearing how lame the ending to that particular game supposedly is…

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