Foursquare now rates everywhere you go

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

Foursquare recently made itself more than a way to tell thieves when to break into your house by collecting and adding the recommendations of friends to its app. It actually became an app I use, even if I never check in anywhere because I don’t want to get robbed, thanks.

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Now the app has added a seemingly simple but actually quite surprisingly useful feature: Ratings.

Everything you see on Foursquare now has a rating from one to ten. The system isn’t perfect, in my view: There’s pretty much no transparency about how these ratings are put together, and it’s not even clear who assigns the number.

I will say, though, that the ratings line up fairly accurately with the recommendations from friends, which are still available and arguably a lot more useful.

And, frankly, anything that breaks away from the current suite of consumer recommendation apps is welcome. Zagat is still your cheap uncle and his passive-aggressive wife weighing in on the “best” places in the city, and Yelp isn’t much better. You should still trust your friends over an app, but this is the app most like your friends, for now.

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