Breathometer lets you know just how wasted you actually are

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

Breathalyzers aren’t necessarily the most accurate of devices, as many people who had to go to a DUI course after what they insist was just a beer will tell you. But they are a useful estimate of how drunk you happen to be, legally speaking.

The problem is they’re expensive specialty devices, so we can’t just all carry them around. Or, rather they were expensive specialty devices.

It’s pretty straightforward, really, but they have a video that explains the basic concept:

The Breathometer plugs into the iPhone 4 or 5, or any Android device running version 4 or higher, via the audio jack. Then it’s just a matter of booting the app, blowing into the sensor, and seeing what it says. If you’re not okay to drive, the app will tell you. In a nice touch, the Breathometer can easily be attached to your keys.

Many will argue with the results, of course, especially if we don’t feel drunk. But put it to you this way: Would you rather spend the rest of your life explaining a DUI in a job interview?

Breathometer [Official Site]

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