BYD wants you to control your car while you’re not in it

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

There are a lot of things you can say about Chinese automakers. They’re actually kind of adorable; they want to compete, so much, with the big boys, but just lack the technical know-how and wherewithal to actually do it. For example, the Chery Amulet, a modern sedan without all those pesky safety features, meaning it crumples like a beer can in collisions.

byd card key 309x163 BYD wants you to control your car while youre not in itOr BYD, and their F3 Plus. It’s got a remote control! So you can drive your car…without being in your car! There’s no way that could end badly!

To be fair, it’s unlikely you’ll see the F3 Plus on American shores any time soon: Chinese cars haven’t caught on here because really, if we want a cheap crappy car that will probably kill us, we can just go buy a used Kia.

But that isn’t stopping BYD from showing off their pride and joy at the New York Auto Show, no doubt believing that this will deeply impress lazy Americans. And, well, they’re right. It is impressive.

We’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop, since they also don’t understand the concept of “class-action lawsuit” in China.

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