Cadillac XTS lets you decide where the gauges go on your dash

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

The LCD dashboard is not generally something many are fans of, because while digital precision is nice, to be honest they’re distracting, and going 65 miles per hour in a steel box is not a good situation to be distracting in. That said, Cadillac has finally justified their existence with the XTS: Now you can finally configure what gauges are where.

2013 cadillac xts first drive review car and driver photo 456682 s 429x262 309x188 Cadillac XTS lets you decide where the gauges go on your dash


It sounds like a minor thing, but find somebody who’s, say, five two or five three and ask them what it’s like to squint through the wheel to look at the speedometer.

Granted, the system isn’t fully customizable; instead you’ll choose from one of four layouts, ranging from a “Simple” layout that tells you speed, fuel level, and what’s on the radio to a “Performance” display that tells you everything you want to know. But among those layouts are, for example, a small mini-map navigation window built right into the dash, so you can just glance down instead of over at some monstrosity suction-cupped to the window, and radio info built right into the speedometer.

OK, so $45,000 is a lot to pay for a car just to play with dials, but in ten years, these will be everywhere. And that’ll be a good thing.

XTS Drivers Decide How Gauge Clusters Appear [GM]

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