Honda selling a tiny electric car with swappable bodies

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

The Honda “Micro Commuter” will not change my standing policy of referring to EVs as “dorkmobiles” anytime soon. At least not with the stock shell it comes with. Slap all the clear plastic and Tron lines you want on it, guys. It’s still dorky.

honda micro commuter prototype variable design platform 28 309x205 Honda selling a tiny electric car with swappable bodies


Of course, with the Micro Commuter, you can actually change the body of the car by just lifting it off and placing on a new one.

The Micro Commuter is very lightweight, approximately 800 pounds. That makes the body fairly easy to switch off. You could, for example, drive it work, parking several blocks away to avoid the shame, take it home, snap off the body and swap it out for a convertible or a pick-up body.

Unfortunately, the main drawback is that these are really designed for work-a-day commuting: The battery will only carry you about sixty miles at a max speed of 50 mph. So, you can’t even take this thing on the highway. True, the battery will charge in three hours, but even so, that is pretty dorky.

But hey! Tron lines!

Honda Micro Commuter Prototype [Gizmag]

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