Hurricane 2: Canned air without the bad gasses

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

Canned air is the most fun you can get at a crappy electronics store. Freeze your friend, blow stuff off your desk, or tape down the trigger and leave for lunch, driving your coworkers slowly insane.

Unfortunately, it tends to both run out when you do that and not be terribly environmentally friendly. It can also explode. Seriously.

This is why the Hurricane 2 exists. And even better, it’s more powerful than canned air.

Here’s a video showing the Hurricane 2 firing off 200 mph blasts of wind:

Essentially, all it really is is a tiny leaf blower. There’s an air compressor inside the can that’s fairly powerful. Get the batteries charged, and you’ve got twelve straight minutes of blast time.

The best part is, as the video demonstrates, it’s pretty effective in the office, in the house, cleaning the crud out of crevices, cleaning out air conditioner filters, you name it. You will actually use this thing all the time.

Of course, the majority of your use will be annoying your coworkers, but you can justify the $100 cost the first time you blast a crapton of dust out of your PC in ten seconds.

Hurricane 2

hurricane 2 canned air without the bad gasses guyism 135x95 Hurricane 2: Canned air without the bad gasses

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