POC and Beats by Dre team up to kill you with new helmet

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

If there is one thing that is incredibly stupid to do in sports, especially ones where you go very quickly and concentration means the difference between an exhilarating achievement and being featured on the Darwin Awards, it’s wearing headphones. You need your hearing to be aware of your surroundings and to hear things like “LOOK OUT!” or “OH MY GOD!” or “HE’S HEADED RIGHT FOR THAT CLIFF!”

product view 214x214 POC and Beats by Dre team up to kill you with new helmet

POC Sports

POC has teamed up with Beats by Dre to make this happen. They don’t like you very much.

The helmet, called the Receptor BUG Communication, is a fairly standard, sturdy helmet: POC makes good stuff. Built into the neck roll, however, is a set of headphones, and even a microphone, so you can take calls. Because doing that on the slopes or in the middle of traffic is really, really smart!

The cord also lets you adjust the volume, so if you see a bunch of people screaming and waving, you can turn it down just long enough to hear “WATCH OUT FOR THA-.” This helmet will be assisting natural selection starting in January for just $330! Or if you have a helmet and want to pitch in, the neck roll will be $180.

Receptor BUG Communication [POC]

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