Popticals: Wraparound sunglasses just got a lot more compact

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

Wraparound sunglasses are pretty important to outdoorsy types, sports players, and other people who need total protection from the rays of the sun. The problem is that they tend to be, well, enormous and thus pretty hard to stow in a space-efficient way.

popticals 6 309x205 Popticals: Wraparound sunglasses just got a lot more compact


A problem Popticals has handily solved with a little smart engineering.

The earpieces fold in half, and the lenses themselves are on a rail system: When you want to put your sunglasses away, you just slide one lens over the other, tuck them in a case, and shove it in your pocket.

This sounds like a minor thing, but if you’re using wraparounds during the summer, you’re far more likely to leave them on a table and forget them, because you have no place to put them.

Also it has to be said that anything that brings more engineering to sunglasses is a good thing, because, hey, sunglasses can always stand to be cooler and take up a little less space. Granted, they do look a little clunky… but what do you want? You don’t wear wraparounds to be fashionable.

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