Spoutnik has a cheesy look wrapped around a good idea

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

Microwaves are a pain in the ass. You know this if you have ever, ever tried to prepare something in one. Part of the problem is the fact that you’re staring through a small window and can’t see your food at every angle, so something could be catching on fire on the other side and you won’t know until smoke starts billowing out.

fagor spoutnik microwave ultra violet table 240x214 Spoutnik has a cheesy look wrapped around a good idea


So the Spoutnik can fix this. Too bad it’s cheesy as hell.

Seriously, for such a good idea, you’d think it’d be offered in clear plastic, but we’re dealing with British consumer products here. Taste is not really any option.

Despite looking like it escaped from the ’70s, though, I’ll be hunting up one of these things for two reasons. One, it gives you a full view of the food you’re nuking, and two, the form factor has several advantages.

The weight being on the bottom instead of stuffed all around the casing means you can put it somewhere other than the dankest corner of your kitchen, and it also means that you can fit stuff with a slightly more awkward shape in it.

Currently you’ll have to import them; the maker, Fagor (no, really), is only selling them in Britain for now.

Spoutnik [Fagor]

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