Spraytect iPhone case is an entertainingly bad idea

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

You know what would be an absolutely great idea? Putting a can of mace on an iPhone case. There’s absolutely no way, whatsoever, that could possibly go wrong.

spraytect 1 309x173 Spraytect iPhone case is an entertainingly bad idea


Essentially, as a case, it’s a standard iPhone case. It’s nothing particularly amazing in that respect, although we’re sure it’ll do a passable job as a case that protects your phone. No, the really interesting part comes into play with the mountable rails on the side.

Those rails allow you to slide, as you may have guessed, a small can of pepper spray onto the back of the phone, and also allows you to remove it if you have to go through airport security.

The idea is that if you’re away at college, you’ll be bringing a self-defense weapon with you wherever you go, because your phone will be with you no matter where you go.

Yeah, because giving eighteen-year-olds pepper spray that they have with them, at all times, in any situation, is not a disaster waiting to happen. People newly discovering alcohol, with pepper spray! That won’t end badly!

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