The Flatmate: A desk that fits into literally any apartment

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

Got a tiny apartment? Many do. So small you can barely fit a bed and a chair into it, forget a desk? Not anymore, thanks to the Flatmate.

flatmate desk 16 221x214 The Flatmate: A desk that fits into literally any apartment


The Flatmate is actually some cleverly designed furniture. To start with, the whole thing is just 27″x44″x4″ when completely folded up, which is about as discreet as furniture gets before getting into the realm of inflatable couches.

When you need your actual desk, the top portion folds down on a hydraulic spring and locks into place. Built into the top is a laptop charging cord, a workspace light, a table stand, and a few small shelves for storing office related stuff. It’s not design for a desktop… but who has one of those anyway?

The bottom portion is designed to store discs, documents, and the other office related stuff that you might need but don’t want lying around. Once you’re done, fold up the top and go about your day.

It’s a fairly elegant solution to an incredibly annoying problem. It’s not yet in the States, but if you must have one, they’re available for order now.

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