The future of handcuffs: Shock you when you get out of line

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

Believe it or not, getting out of standard metal handcuffs is actually pretty easy. They have a universal key, which is easy to keep on your person, and that also makes them easy to pick. Oh, and you can also dislocate your thumb and slip out of them as well.

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US Patent Office

Hence, new, intelligent handcuffs that will give you a jolt if they detect any attempt to open them.

The system is pretty simple, and actually really, really creepy. Just slap the cuffs on, and if they detect, say, a change in cuff orientation through their built-in sensors, or an increase in your pulse rate which might be a prelude to doing something stupid… zzzzzzzzap!

Adding to the mild creepiness of this, the cuffs in the patent can be configured in all sorts of nasty ways. Face full of mace, for example, or even needles to inject sedatives!

The one good side is that the cuffs seem to have a built-in safety protocol: They won’t shock you to death.

Unless they malfunction. Yeah, maybe this is just not a good idea.

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