Google Maps for iOS is officially here

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

In the past, if you own an iPhone, and had to get somewhere, you were boned. Apple throwing out Google Maps and building its own mapping system as quickly as possible meant that Apple Maps is at best crappy and at worst may actually be trying to kill you.

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But now you can toss it into your folder of “apps I’d delete if the operating system would let me”: Google Maps for iOS is here!

And it’s brought toys!

Google Maps for iOS is pretty much a total overhaul. In addition to becoming vector based, which means it loads much more quickly, it also has transit directions, turn-by-turn directions, Street View, and all that other stuff that you’ve missed so, so much.

Even better, Google is launching kits for developers that allow their apps to default to Google Maps, instead of popping up Apple’s “everything is melting” crap.

OK, so part of this is about sticking it to a competitor while laughing at their terrible product. But more importantly, you can finally trust your phone not to dump you in the nearst poisonous spider preserve.

Google Maps [iTunes]

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