Is a new ‘Killer Instinct’ game on the way?

Matt Hawkins Contributing Writer, Video Games

Maybe. Who really knows? At the very least, the trademark for Killer Instinct was just renewed by Microsoft. So at least it hasn’t been forgotten.

killerinstinct2 Is a new Killer Instinct game on the way?


Back in the day, Killer Instinct was the perfect storm in the form of a fighting game. It had to all: combos inspired by Street Fighter, but times a billion, over top violence and horrible character designs from Mortal Kombat, but even kookier, and wretched 3D modeled visuals that simply screamed the 90s. Plus it was the last game many people truly cared about in the arcades, and was even Nintendo’s first attempt at reinventing itself, for fans that were no longer impressed by the “kiddie” like antics of Mario & company.

To this very day, it still has its fans. Which is hardly a revelation; every game is still beloved by somebody. Even that crap-a-riffic SNES adaption of Toy Story believe it or not (serious, I know a small hand full of folk who to this very day obsess over it). And perhaps MS knows this, and are finally rewarding the faithful with Killer Instinct 3 at long last! Or, more than likely, it’s getting a XBLA re-release? Probably that.

The fact that MS themselves broke the news, via PlayXBLA, seems to slightly indicate that there might indeed be some relatively big plans in motion. But till the truth comes out, let’s all watch the Angry Video Game Nerd share his memories relating to Rare’s not quite forgotten fighting franchise…

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