‘Pro Gamer: The Game’ simulates being a professional gamer

Matt Hawkins Contributing Writer, Video Games

Pro Gamer: The Game has you playing some dude who sits around all day long on his fat ass, playing games. How meta, huh?

progamer Pro Gamer: The Game simulates being a professional gamer


Pro Gamer, which was recently highlighted by Kotaku, was created during a 24 hour game jam and is either funny, cute, or depressing, depending on one’s point of view. For me, it’s a bit of all three.

You’re given a variety of “games” to go through, on a rather tiny TV, so live up to your namesake and earn some big bucks, to get a bigger set, along with nicer furniture, plus a few cans of Mountain Dude.

But in the end, you’re still living in parents house, or so it seems. At least you can go outside, though that’s an automatic game over. Kinda deep, right? Time spent with the simulation is a direct reflection as to how one would fare as a pro gamer, me thinks. Or maybe I’m thinking too much about this…

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