Roadtrippers: A GPS and a tour guide in one app

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

If you’re getting in a car and driving a long distance, you probably need two things: Decent directions, and things of note to look at once you start suffering from highway hypnosis. Roadtrippers is an app that does both jobs quite admirably.

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Building off the popular Web site, the Roadtrippers app can serve all the basic functions of a GPS app; it offers turn-by-turn directions, and points you out towards functional places like nearby diners and gas stations. As a nice bonus, the app tries to avoid chains as much as possible. While you may be stuck in a C-list fast food chain in some places, you’ll generally be able to avoid it.

The tour guide part of the app simply highlights possible points of interest when you plot your course. This can be anything from monuments to obscure museums to movie filming locations, and it can be surprising what pops up.

In short, if you’ve got a long car trip coming up, and many of us do, it’s a useful app to have handy. If nothing else, you’ll learn stuff about the towns you blow through when heading home for the holidays.

Roadtrippers [iTunes Store]

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