‘Skrillex Quest’ is surprisingly decent

Matt Hawkins Contributing Writer, Video Games

Considering that it’s somewhat of a blatant rip off of Legend of Zelda and Sword & Sworcery that has been glued together with dubstep. Then again, it’s by the same guy who gave us the Perfect Strangers game, so of course it plays fairly awesome.

sq Skrillex Quest is surprisingly decent

Skrillex Quest

Skrillex Quest, for a browser based advergame, has a fairly solid premise: a piece of dust has gotten inside a NES cartridge, and made contact with one of the connectors, with the end result being data corruption. So you, as the hero, as to trudge forward and deal with game glitches as enemies. All the while Skrillex music plays, naturally.

Plus the execution, as noted, is quite superb. I mostly like how all the glitches are lifted from other games. I recognize some Mega Man 3 and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, though I bet there’s more. Oh, and the fact that you get to kill Skrillex at the very end is a nice bonus.

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