Skype is coming to your Xbox 360

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

Ever since Microsoft bought Skype, the popular video-conferencing service, everybody’s been wondering what Microsoft will do with it, and whether Skype will survive or become yet another tech company destroyed by Microsoft screwing up.

skype 1 177x214 Skype is coming to your Xbox 360


Well, it may still be killed by screwing up, but it’s not going to be from neglect: Microsoft is quietly working on ways to incorporate Skype into your Xbox.

If you think about it, it’s a perfect fit. Most 360s sold, especially recently, were bought because somebody in the house wanted to play with the Kinect. You know, the video camera/motion sensor/microphone set up that allows you to basically look like a total doofus while gaming?

And all Skype needs is…a microphone and a video camera. In other words, it’s a fairly natural fit, and will probably bring video telephony to the masses.

Of course, realistically speaking, we all know what people are going to do with a video camera that can capture their body moving in high resolution with the ability to call other people. Get to work developing dong-censoring software, Microsoft. You’re gonna need it.

Skype recruiting for “next generation services” [Engadget]

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