Spotify wants to be the YouTube of music

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

We’re a little skeptical of Spotify, not least because it’s blatantly designed to feed Facebook your precise tastes in music. We’re not kidding: why do you think you can only log into it if you have a Facebook account? But, privacy violations of the weirdly intimate sort aside, Spotify is very popular, and now it wants to be the Internet’s radio. How? By including an embeddable “Play Button.”

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Of course, we already have an embeddable play button: it’s called YouTube. But the idea behind Spotify’s button is that YouTube videos tend to be pirated, technically speaking; nobody’s collecting royalties from them. Of course, Spotify’s links will basically be free for the listener as well, but we guess collecting statistics makes up for the potential loss of revenue.

The key integration of the feature that we like, though, is the fact that if you’re listening to Spotify, and click one of these player links, instead of two songs suddenly playing at once, the player switches the song over on the app. Now if it would only do it for annoying ads.

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