Have Time Warner Cable? You might finally have a live-streaming app

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

Time Warner Cable has been promising live streaming to its Android tablet app for months, much to the frustration of TV junkies that just want to get their fix at least somewhat remotely.

icstablive 309x192 Have Time Warner Cable?  You might finally have a live streaming appWell, the app might finally be ready…with one big fat caveat that really shows why cable is becoming redundant.

The caveat is this: the live-streaming will only work on tablets with Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich. This is because TWC insists it’s the only version of Android with the “security and stability” to live-stream, which really means they want to keep you from grabbing TV shows to watch whenever you want at your convenience.

And that’s really the problem here: this app just does not look convenient for anybody unless that person happens to be a Time Warner Cable executive. At least you can live stream inside your own house, we guess, but the problem with these services is that they highlight just how pointless getting cable for TV really is. If we can’t watch TV when we want to watch it where we want to watch it…what exactly are we paying for?

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