‘Video Game High School’ is officially in session

Matt Hawkins Contributing Writer, Video Games

What happens when some of the bigger names in the realm of wacky, SFX-heavy, video game inspired, YouTube film making get together? They produce something called Video Game High School, that’s what.

It’s a collaboration between Freddie Wong, whom we’ve featured once or twice before, and folks who make such things as Feast of Fiction.

And as you can see, it’s a classic tale of some odd man out/bottom of rung loser in high school, trying to prove himself the best and nab the girl, who is currently banging the resident alpha male/guy who is making your live a living hell.

Except it takes place in a school in which everyone learns and performs wacky game-related nonsense. Obviously.

The parties involved have done a great job creating short form vignettes, but this is supposedly two hours long. Hmmm. Part one, for all interested parties, can be viewed here.

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