Two women dressed like Chun-Li and Tifa fighting each other

Matt Hawkins Contributing Writer, Video Games

If you’re working on some Street Fighter 2 / Final Fantasy 7 fan fiction, and are having a hard time figuring out the fight scenes in your head, then watch the following clip.

Though, spoilers: they don’t make out in the end like in your tale. Sorry…


Anyhow, it’s pretty good stuff. The woman playing Chun-Li plays her role quite nicely, even if we don’t see a spinning bird kick (guess that would be super hard to pull off without it looking totally ridiculous).

And I guess the woman portraying Tifa does a good enough job. Sorry, am not familiar enough with Final Fantasy 7 to make the most accurate of assessments (and that’s because I absolutely hate anything Final Fantasy).

Bonus clip time, from the same folks behind the one above. This time featuring Ezio from Assassin’s Creed against Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid


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