Yes, Instagram can sell your photos; no, you shouldn’t care

Dan Seitz Contributing Writer, Tech

As you might have seen, there are people, many of them in very tight jeans calling themselves “iPhoneographers” who are weeping and beating their breasts that Instagram has “ruined itself.” The issue is the new Terms of Service that gives Instagram the right to sell your photos without telling you or paying you.

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You know, just like every other social network.

Anything that discourages the use of Instagram can only be a good thing, but to the whiners two points must be made. First, you’re giving this stuff away for free anyway; it’s not like anybody pays you to post a badly cropped photo of your dinner that you’ve layered so many filters onto that it looks about as appetizing as vomit.

Secondly, nobody is actually going to buy your crappy photos.

What do you want? It’s the truth. Instagram exists not to help you take good photos, but to obscure the crappy ones that you shoot. That’s why it’s got all the filters and makes your photos look “old.” That’s the entire idea.

Also, it’s not like you can’t find about a thousand different apps doing the exact same thing, or a lack of social networks to post them to. I’ve pointed you towards several, like Afterglow and Camera +. So, really, suck it up, pay somebody a few bucks if you’re that desperate, and move on with your life.

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